Access any of the community centralized drop off locations.
  Receive a reusable bag to store (and transport) all your recyclables. 
  No sorting required! 
  Recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard and glass. These products represent 75% of daily household waste. 
  Your membership card will award you savings and benefits from local organizations and businesses. 
Strengthen your community through recycling - Become a member of WE RECYCLE today!
On your first visit to the WE RECYCLE Center, your membership package will be waiting for you and you may bring all the recyclables you have stored up.
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I want to build my community through recycling.

Membership Options


One Bag Drop-off


Curbside Plus
Ideal for: Pay As You Go Recyclers Out of town Residents Renters, HOA's, Apartments Homeowners, most families in Pueblo and Pueblo West
Curbside Pickup: NO NO YES YES
Discounts card for local businesses: NO YES YES YES
Includes Trash Service: NO NO NO YES (bi-weekly)
Online Pay: NO YES YES YES
Total Cost: $3 per bag of recyclables $20/QTR
(3 months)
(3 months)
(3 months)

All memberships (excluding One-Bag (pay as you go) include: 1 reusable recycling bag, 1 membership card that awards discounts at local businesses and allows access to WE RECYCLE center during business hours.

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     Please select your membership option from the drop down menu below, then click
     the "Become A Member!" button to complete your registration.


     DONATE $2.00 for School Recycling Programs


**Hazardous Materials will not be accepted at the facility. This includes, but is not limited to: anything labeled poisonous or hazardous, automotive fluids, gasoline, paint, turpentine, bleach, pesticides and ammonia. No garbage will be accepted at the facility. Your WE RECYCLE Center is not a landfill, and as such, dumping will not be allowed. Only one membership card will be issued per household. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards. Rinse out plastics and tin and breakdown cardboard before recycling. Recyclable material we only be accepted during business hours.

Any abuse of the facility, staff or violation of the terms and agreement may result in the termination of membership.

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